The big and fancy wedding not for you guys? You’re my kind of people then.


Big weddings are expensive, ANY wedding nowadays is expensive, so if you and your partner have chosen to do something small and intimate with just family and close friends you are not the only ones.

Intimate also does not have to do solely on numbers either. Maybe you are blessed with 150 close friends and family, you are incredibly lucky! Intimate has to do with how much time and the quality of the time you spend with those close family and friends on one of the happiest days of your life! If this sounds like you we will get along just fine.

Small weddings are becoming more and more popular, there are a million DIY tutorials on your flowers, food, decorations or whatever you venture to take on.

However one thing you cannot do for yourself is your wedding photos. You can hire a friend or a family member for a low price but chances are, they aren’t professionals and you’re going to end up regretting it. (Blunt, I know, but better you find out this way)

15-20% of your wedding budget should go into your photographer and it should be top 2 of what you spend the most money on (the other being the dress obviously) but that doesn’t mean that 15-20% will always amount to enough to hire a pro. Enter me!

I’ve done some big fancy weddings and have had lots of experience with couples in my career now already and I’ve decided I really hate working big expensive weddings. They are loud, long, exhausting, and have many boring moments for me honestly. My smaller and more intimate weddings have shown me couples who are madly in love and only want their most loved ones near them on one of the best days of their lives. Having a smaller wedding makes you less stressed and gives you more time and energy to spend on each other.

Not to mention your price for you wedding will be customized to what you need and not starting at a flat multi-thousand dollar rate when you don’t need some of those services. It will be based on time, distance, involvement, add'-ons and extras, and requests. We will have at least one face-to-face private meeting (either in person or over video chat) to decide what your cost and schedule will be and you will be in constant contact with me to your disposal up until the wedding itself.

2020 Packages Start at $850 and are customized going forward

Milage starts from business address in Newburyport at 0.50/mile

Second shooter is an automatic price increase of $50/hr

Shot List for basic wedding package including (but not limited to):

-Both Bride/Groom Getting Ready (limited without second shooter, also depending on when asked to arrive)
-First look (if desired)
-Walking Down Isle-Ceremony (Kiss, Venue, Exchange of rings, etc.)
-Exiting Isle
-45min-1hr of Formal Wedding Party Pictures
-Entrance of Reception
-First Dance
-Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Dances
-Speeches if Desired
-Toasts if Desired
-Cake (decor/cupcakes, etc.)
-Cake Cutting
-Throwing of Bridal Bouquet

Wedding Contract is required for all clients, provided by photographer.

Number of pictures delivered widely vary due to things like how long your wedding is, how many speeches, how many you even desire, etc. THERE IS NO SET NUMBER OF PHOTOS GUARANTEED TO BE DELIVERED TO CLIENT.

Things like prints, albums, canvases and so on are absolutely an option through me. I make beautiful albums!

Also keep in mind other special needs or requests may change the price prior to contract signing depending on situation.

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