Last Few of 2017 / by Sarah Blasi

2018 is now here and I've been behind on a few blog posts, here's a catch up on my favorite shoots from 2017 that I haven't posted yet, this is my first post with a few more to follow! On this colder winter day in Massachusetts I'm sitting in my room watching X-Files and wishing it was warm enough to go shoot, take a look at a warmed time one of the last days of summer with Daisy one of my favorite Massart friends and models. A previous picture taken of Daisy ended up in the 2017 Massart Accepted Students packet which I'me very proud of (however I would've preferred someone asking me permission or at least telling me about it before Daisy did! FYI if anyone ever wants my advice or views about going to school at Massart just ask.). In the coming year I hope to move to Boston and in the past year of school coming to and end and being more on my own than ever before I've come to be very fond of the city I've been closest to my entire life both physically and emotionally. Taking a short vacation to NYC and having my best friends living in Boston gave me a little more appreciation for the home of the Red Sox.