Polaroids and Such / by Sarah Blasi

The school year is coming to a close! For some (like me!) for good! At least for a while, While some still have the comfort of going into grad school for just a few more years I am finally entering the full time world and I couldn't be more excited. Shane and I are off to New Hampshire for a couples years! But before these last few days are over me and a good friend had the once in a lifetime opportunity of using a 20x24 Polaroid camera! There are about 6 left in the world, the shots range from $75-150 each and they are incredibly nerve-wracking and dramatic to use. We both had a blast and have something that very few ever get to even see.

I used a type of powder used often in color runs and in festivals in India and similar countries often called "Holi" powder it can be bought in many colors and in bulk for things such as runs. I covered my friends in it and took pictures of it!

Lena had a very feminist and "strong women" vision for her piece