Charlie Turns 1! by Sarah Blasi

I've known Charlie and her mom forever and for literally Charlie's whole life! She turned 1 on Memorial Day! We did a sweet little shoot to have some photos of this ever-growing nugget. If you want to get a shoot of your baby-going-on-toddler do it for sure at 1 year old, theres absolutely no shame in taking a million pictures of your child, as a 23 year old I am so nostalgic already and love looking back at all the pictures I can of myself and others. Hire a pro to take them who cares?? Just because you're phone has a good camera doesn't mean you won't be blown away when a pro steps in and does it.

Styled Bridal Shoot by Sarah Blasi

This past May I put together a team of wonderful, young, hardworking people to make up a styled bridal shoot collaboration! We had a great time booking a venue, a dress shop, models and so forth to bring together an album of awesome bridal portraits and detail shots. A fake bride has just about as much fun as a real one in shoots like this. Especially since they can wear sweatpants under their dress and no one will know! Of course my favorite dress was the most expensive ($4,495.00 to be exact-yikes!) but worth every penny as you can see here. This is just a small taste of everything! Go to my "Love and Weddings" page to see the rest!

Photography: Sarah Gates Photography (Newburyport MA)

Makeup & Hair: Studio 90 (Portsmouth NH)

Stylist: Kassidy Cunningham (Boston MA)

Dresses: Cristina's Bridal (Andover MA)

Venue: The Stevens Estate on Osgood Hill (North Andover MA)

Flowers: Mellow Botanical (Dover NH)

Models: Raini Callahan & Summer LaCrosse

Assist & Video: Rebecca Doolan & Abby Seabrook

Top Knots NBPT! by Sarah Blasi

Newburyport has always been an important part of my life. I live 25 minutes away, I was born in Anna Jaques Hospital, I have my dentist and my doctor there, I have many memories of going to Fowle's (no longer there but the sign is) and Angie's Diner with my family for breakfast's and spending time by the waterfront on the docks, I have waitressed and worked with and in half of the businesses in downtown and now I am proud to announce the first physical step in SGP's career by joining Top Knot's NBPT! Top Knots was founded by makeup and hair team Sarah Lord and Callie Hefferan and is a co-op work and office space for women in business! The ribbon cutting was Tuesday April 3rd and was so motivating and inspiring! I now have a handful of neighbors in creative fields who are all there to help our own businesses grow! The space in beautiful and now a great place to have coffee and meet with clients as well as a wonderful place to edit and do bills and things as that! I'm happy to have a 'home away from home" to do things without the distraction of my home office. This will be a step up in my business and I can't wait to see this season take off! If you need me I'll be sitting there and editing while I have Supernatural playing in the background of my headphones! #scyfygeek


Colorado by Sarah Blasi

This past month I had the sudden opportunity to go to Denver CO to visit some family, and had a blast if only for a weekend! Then I flew back on a red eye to Boston (layover in Newark) and arrived at 7:15 AM just in time to go home and get ready for a double at work... but still worth it. 

Also side note I got yelled at by the guy that owned that blue truck even though I was on the road... and not his property... WHICH IS TOTALLY LEGAL.

Last Few of 2017 by Sarah Blasi

2018 is now here and I've been behind on a few blog posts, here's a catch up on my favorite shoots from 2017 that I haven't posted yet, this is my first post with a few more to follow! On this colder winter day in Massachusetts I'm sitting in my room watching X-Files and wishing it was warm enough to go shoot, take a look at a warmed time one of the last days of summer with Daisy one of my favorite Massart friends and models. A previous picture taken of Daisy ended up in the 2017 Massart Accepted Students packet which I'me very proud of (however I would've preferred someone asking me permission or at least telling me about it before Daisy did! FYI if anyone ever wants my advice or views about going to school at Massart just ask.). In the coming year I hope to move to Boston and in the past year of school coming to and end and being more on my own than ever before I've come to be very fond of the city I've been closest to my entire life both physically and emotionally. Taking a short vacation to NYC and having my best friends living in Boston gave me a little more appreciation for the home of the Red Sox. 

Andrew & Amanda's Wedding! 5.27.17 by Sarah Blasi

Doing weddings right now in my career I enjoy the most because it is a day of love and fun and the results make them happy all over again when the day is over. But when I do a friends wedding it's even more touching and awesome. I cry at strangers weddings so imagine what happens when I go to a friends and work it as well. 

Polaroids and Such by Sarah Blasi

The school year is coming to a close! For some (like me!) for good! At least for a while, While some still have the comfort of going into grad school for just a few more years I am finally entering the full time world and I couldn't be more excited. Shane and I are off to New Hampshire for a couples years! But before these last few days are over me and a good friend had the once in a lifetime opportunity of using a 20x24 Polaroid camera! There are about 6 left in the world, the shots range from $75-150 each and they are incredibly nerve-wracking and dramatic to use. We both had a blast and have something that very few ever get to even see.

I used a type of powder used often in color runs and in festivals in India and similar countries often called "Holi" powder it can be bought in many colors and in bulk for things such as runs. I covered my friends in it and took pictures of it!

Lena had a very feminist and "strong women" vision for her piece

Mama Caroline by Sarah Blasi

Haven't posted in a while! But since the weather is getting better it's time for more things to start happening! Writing you here from Martha's Vineyard, home of Murdick's Fudge, the famous Gingerbread Houses and Mulder's Parent's home from X-Files (sorry I had to dork out a little). Anyway, earlier this week was Caroline's maternity shoot out on Plum Island! My first maternity shoot in...maybe ever but it came out so beautiful and I'm very proud of these, take a look at these adorable pictures of 7-month-prego yoga teacher Caroline!

Julia by Sarah Blasi

Julia and I went trudging through the snow today in the Back Bay Fens, it was actually very warm out for February and we had a good time wandering and avoiding geese for fear of being chased.

Chase & Aaron by Sarah Blasi

I'm thinking this is my last shoot for break but you never know! Chase and I work together and she invited us to a wonderful weekend in the White Mountains in NH and we had so much fun I had to give them a couple pictures to thank them and for them to keep! 

Abby by Sarah Blasi

Let it snow! We didn't freeze from how pumped we were to shoot today! After basically a blizzard last night there was nothing but sun in the fresh snow to go shooting in! Every shoot since school has ended has gotten me pumped for the new things to come this year!


Julia by Sarah Blasi

And now the FIRST shoot for 2017 WOOO! This last year was a lot of new skills and opportunities that hopefully will turn into big things for this year. 

My GPS tried to take me down a one-way, got a parking ticket for parking in a loading zone, we almost froze to death just walking for 10 minutes but I think getting together again to shoot was worth it by itself not to mention the beautiful things that came out of it. Julia and I always have fun I'm sure we'll be seeing each other soon ;)


Welcome! by Sarah Blasi

New website new and improved! So let's get a move on! 

Last shoot of 2016! Ana and I had way too much fun with this day ending up with more than 400 pictures to organize and edit, which I got done in an hour I was so excited. The only reason we thought of Beacon Hill was because our Uber drove through it on the way to Boston common so you never know whats going to happen!